Golden Goddess Slot 

Golden Goddess Slot

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The MegaJackpot Golden Goddess Slot is considered as one of the games that borrows Ancient world theme especially from Ancient Greece. The word MegaJackpot in the title indicates that the slot game features a progressive jackpot that will make it different from the Golden Goddess IGT Slot standard version. The free Slots Golden Goddess game was developed by IGT.

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General Characteristics

This Golden Goddess Slot machine app game atmosphere is somehow idyllic and the background on which the reels are set does match the theme. There will always be a hill and a sun rising over it and an area from which you can overlook the entire scene. Majority of the symbols are thematic with the standard card symbols designed in a manner that will match the main theme despite lack of playing cards in Greece during the ancient times.

The effects of the sound will offer an impression that the action does take place in a more tranquil and simpler era where all the things are natural and calm. The most used color is purple and anyone will notice that it does dominate both on the reels and on the buttons that is placed under the reels.

In terms of general appearance and controls, this game is not that different from the other IGT slots. In case you have previously played a game developed by IGT, you will definitely know how this Golden Goddess free Slot game operates.

Playing the Golden Goddess Slot Game

Featuring 5 reels and 3 rows, this free slots Golden Goddess game is considered to be pretty standard. It contains 40 pay lines on the reels and all the pay lines are active in every spin. You are capable of adjusting your wager although there are times when one can easily go from a single penny per pay line to a maximum of £50 which will set the maximum stake to £ 2000. Therefore, there are several opportunities especially when it comes to wagering. Ensure that you do bet at a realistic level and that you never go beyond the wagering limit.

It is possible for reduce the wager amount per line by pressing on either the add or minus icon on your wager.

Winning in Golden Goddess Slot Game

For you to win, you will have to get a combination of a minimum of 2-3 similar symbols across a pay line. The instances number will depend on a specific symbol and you will require a minimum of three instances for majority of the symbols.

However, the symbols need to be across an active pay line and they need to be ranged from the left moving towards the right reel otherwise a win will not be activated. In case you manage to get a combination of 3 cards of lower value, you will be able to win up to five coins. With 4 symbols across a pay line, your winnings will significantly grow and you can easily hit up to 10 coins.

The higher value symbols will pay a bit more especially when you manage to get Hephaestus, Athena or any specific symbol.

The Free Spins

Rose activates the free bonus. One will have to get the symbol stacked on 3 central reels. It will trigger 7 free spins and you will be in a position to select a symbol that will be stacked in the Golden Goddess Slot free. It is possible to either choose Hephaestus, Athena, dove or horse hence; it is only possible that you see high value symbols.

Super Stacks

The main Golden Goddess online Slot is responsible for activating the super stacks feature. At this point, all the stacked symbols will be turned into similar symbol which can result in great wins.

Progressive Jackpot

Getting 15 Mega Jackpots symbols on the reels will mean that you have won a progressive jackpot. Higher wager increases the chances of hitting this jackpot. Hence, if you are interested in winning the jackpot, ensure that you increase your wager.


There are chances that this Golden Goddess Slots game might have low RTP percentage compared to the non jackpot version. However, it can still have a high appeal thanks to its great jackpot. Most casino and bingo sites still offer this game since it is a very popular game.

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