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In case you are in love with shiny and glittery things, then the Kitty Glitter Slot machine might be just the right game for you. It is very hard to come across a game that perfectly suited to its name. There is a white cat and several feline friends on the reels that are featured on this games logo. This Kitty Glitter Slot game was released back in 2010 and it is very popular and is currently being played in several online slots and casino sites. It was developed by IGT and released by Kitty Glitter Slot.

Free kitty glitter slot machine

General Characteristics

Since Kitty Glitter was released back in 2010, its visual effects and graphics might not look that refined as on the recently released games. However, player experience and overall game play are still remarkable and can easily be measured against any game which has been released before.

Its reels are colored using celeste and it has a red background. The games controls are placed at the screens bottom just below the reels.

This is the norm when it comes to any IGT game. However, even if the Kitty Glitter is the first IGT game one can play, you will always notice that the game is user friendly. This game features three rows, five reels and has 30 pay lines. This is also pretty standard setting and one has the option of reducing the quantity of active pay lines to fewer than 30.

Playing Kitty Glitter

You will first have to set the amount you need to wager before you spin the Kitty Glitter Slots reels. The stake will reflect on the active number lines and the amount you need to bet per line. You can always make use of the minus and plus buttons to help you in setting the amount you want to stake per line.

1p is the minimum amount per line hence, one could play using 30p. £300 or £10 per line is the maximum amount one can place. You however need to bear in mind that is a larger cash amount for a single spin hence you need to feel confident when playing the maximum stake level and ensure that your bankroll is capable of supporting the wagering level.

There are several options between the max and min stake. Reducing pay line number is one thing we do not recommend.

Playing Kitty Glitter

For one to win the Kitty Glitter free Slots, it is appropriate that you get a minimum of three instances of the same symbols across any active pay line. In case the pay line is not active, you will not be in a position to get anything despite having 5 symbols. That explains why we advice people to play using all the active pay lines. You can also opt to have the symbols arranged from leftmost moving towards the rightmost reel failure to which the pay line will not be activated.

The Kitty Glitter Slot machine free reel does feature themed standard card symbols and themed cat symbols. The card symbols are known to have lower value hence, if you are after a more convincing win, you will have to get several instances of similar cat.

The games logo also has a fluffy white kitten features which is considered to be the most valuable symbol. For a combination of 5 symbols, it pays 1000 coins. Hence, when you play with a £10 coin value, you will get up to £10000 for the combination which is the Kitty Glitter Slot machine big win.

Free Bonus Features

The main bonus feature which can be activated in Kitty Glitter Slot is the free spins. The scatter symbols which are a cat bowl in this game will be responsible for activating the free spins bonus. One will require a minimum of three symbols to trigger this bonus.

One will get 15 free spins when the Kitty Glitter Slot machine online free spins are activated. Three symbols will activate the bonus feature although they will still award one the prize that is three times their wager. During the free spins game, a special feature will appear in the reels. Some of the symbols will automatically turn wild when you get diamond on the last reel.


Kitty Glitter is considered to be an exciting and fun slot game. Despite it being released some years back, the Kitty Glitter will still attract several participants, bingo sites and casinos. One is capable of getting up to 225 free spins despite there being just one bonus feature. This game also offers a great jackpot that is worth 1000 coins and has wagering limits.

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