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Imagine if you could become a millionaire. How overwhelming would it be to have the cash you need to live the lifestyle you have always dreamt about? Becoming one is like biting more than you can chew but by reading this article becoming one will be as easy as drinking a glass of water as we will provide you with an in-depth review of Monopoly Slot, features, how to play and how you can triumph immensely.

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Game Characteristics

Monopoly Slot games is one of the most prevalent board games in the present day, and now it is accessible to play as a video slot machine with real cash prizes! Monopoly on the Monopoly slot machine is a 5-reel, 10-paylines wagering game which provides a 2,000x jackpot reward with others enthralling bonus gameplay features. It’s as easy as ABC as you just have to spin, play and win. Moreover, in this game, you are assured to feel like a tycoon as you relish incredible payouts.

How to play Monopoly Money Slot

Monopoly Slots is a 5 reel, 15 pay line slot machine. The mission of the game is to earn tokens by creating winning mishmashes on the reels, progress your mover and landing on properties, and winning in the bonus games. The game is artless and easy to understand. Once you login to the game, you will be requested to choose how much you need to bet per line. You can’t alter the number of win lines as you will be required to bet on those lines as you play Monopoly Slots online.

Betting and Winning

To place a bet, choose the number of pay lines on which you’d like to gamble by selecting the SELECT LINES button. Next, choose the number of tokens you’d like to bet on each line by selecting the BET PER LINE. You need bet at least 1 token on every single active pay line but may bet up to 10 on each. You can also hastily bet 10 tokens on each of the 15 lines by selecting BET MAX.

Jackpot, Tokens, and Tickets

To win a Pogo Jackpot Spin, you have to obtain 3 of the Club Pogo coin symbols dispersed in the midst of the reels. The Jackpot Spinner swirls similar to a slot machine. When it halts spinning, you’ll win the reward designated on the spinner or possibly the Jackpot itself!

Bonus Round and in Game Features

Free parking feature is one of the few features that pop up repetitively. To activate this feature, you will require obtaining one or extra Free Parking symbols on the reels. This will let you choose one of five parking symbols that display on the screen. In addition, there are several prizes on offer which include free spins bonus, cash prize and a boost to your existing wins. Before you acquire your reward, however, all Free Parking symbols on the reels will be substituted by a random symbol. Each and every time there will be a wild or MM bonus from this feature, which is very attractive if you are looking for the big wins. Once the whole thing is in order, your reward will be determined.


Monopoly Slots free Money may seem like a problematical slot at the beginning, but once you practice a number of Monopoly Slot free spins under your belt, it is a huge amount of fun. You can also play Monopoly Slots online and also by using Monopoly Slots app. In addition, the game also features a range of supplementary exciting slot machines centered on your preferred board games such as Ouija, Clue and Yahtzee.

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