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This game is one of the most predominant games in the present day and now it’s accessible with the help of a Rich Girl Slot machine. She’s a Rich Girl Slot machine has five reels and nine pay lines. This game is artless, easy to understand and fun to play. Moreover, playing the Rich Girl Slots lets you get a perception of how life as a Rich Girl can be.

rich girl slot machine

Symbols used in the game

There are a number of prime symbols used in the Rich Girl Casino game which include;

Scatter Symbol (Representation of three gems together with word scatter)

This symbol is of great importance to a player, Subject to the number of scatters on the reels the participants bet can be rewarded up to 25 times that aggregate.

Rich Girl logo

This symbol doubles your earnings and can sub for any extra symbol to make a winning mishmash.

Diamond Run (Purple square with a diamond on it)

This symbol enables you to get a free spin for every diamond on the screen during each round of play. More so you are capable to gather up to a total of 100 she’s a Rich Girl Slot free spins. However, there are other regular symbols based on the number they appear on a pay line. They include; Rich Girl, an older man, watermelon, white dog with a gold bone collar, white cat with a diamond collar, grape, peach, lemon, and cherry.

How to play

To commence she's a Rich Girl free Slots game you need to choose how many lines you want to play and how much you ought to gamble. Once you have decided to confirm and enter it appropriately into the Rich Girl Slots free machine. Selecting the pay line is very essential. If you decide on 9 play lines the chances of winning with each spin are higher compared to choosing two or three lines. You can play the game manually or auto spinning. If you decide to manually spin each time you just press the spin button and your bet is given in to and the game is going. If you decide to auto spin the slot machine will automatically play the game on your behalf. Immediately you have chosen your preferred coin value, hit auto spin and select how many games you want to play. She’s a Rich Girl Slots free spins game will continue until you click the stop button or run out of money. As the reels stop spinning the game will aggregate your earnings and informs you whether you have won a free win or if you have prompted a bonus

Free Spin Bonus

Once you click the three bonus symbols required to activate the bonus round you’ll quit the regular gameplay screen and be taken to a totally dissimilar setup. Only gems and diamonds are used to play this bonus game. Moreover, in the bonus reel, you are given a new wild symbol and a dissimilar set of symbols to select from. The wild gives you a free spin and acts as a doubler in this round.


This free slots Rich Girl game is artless and simple to understand anyone can play and win by following the basic concepts and rules. More several different mishmashes it’s much easier to win, get to the bonus round and multiply your winnings. If you are interested and you don’t get enough time to go land-based casinos you can download the Rich Girl Slot machine free spins game on your mobile phone and get entertained all day long.

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